Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's been a while since I dished out some blog-love but a couple of sites lately have got my attention in a big way. I've just realized that even though I check the site out every few days, I don't think I've mentioned New Romantic Rules before. I initially thought that Rambul was simply recycling links from other places, but lately the content has been outstanding. In particular he has put together 15 (count 'em!) volumes of rare and obscure new wave tracks, including many extended remixes. He is from Poland, and I don't know what it is about that part of the world because everyone knows that Saltyka and RObert POland also are virtual libraries of all that's great about new wave music. If you don't have a rapidshare account, now would be a good time to get one.

Talking of Saltyka, he has lately featured comprehensive discographies of Fra Lippo Lippi and The Lotus Eaters.

I was also excited to discover a new blog It Should Have Been A Hit, produced by regular MFL commentator Mikeyten. Mikey's strategy is very simple but effective - he highlights singles that may have slipped past the charts but are worthy of a second listen. Most of them are prime time 80's but he also throws in a few almost new tracks by underrated bands. I usually find myself hitting the download button almost automatically. Excellent work, Mikey!

Several of the blogs I check out regularly are maintained by DJ's who seem to pull out a never ending stream of remixes and dance floor classics. Obviously I went to the wrong nightclubs in my youth, because all I can remember of that scene was a bunch of sadly drunk no-hopers trying to sing along to "Come On Eileen" for the tenth time. Here's a selection of dance floor classics designed to erase those memories for good:

From Retro Wonderland
Nick Heyward - Tell Me Why (Razormaid Mix)
Secession - Sneakyville (Extended Mix)
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up (12" Version)
Sharpe & Numan - No More Lies (Extended Version)
Red Flag - If I Ever (Razormaid Mix)

From New Wave Time Machine
Fancy - Slice Me Nice (12" Mix)
The Damned - Shadow of Love (Pressure Mix)
Berlin - No More Words (Dance Mix)

From Born Again 80's
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (12" Mix)

Also, you need to check out the fabulous Dreamtime mixes. I think my favorite is this one
William Pitt - City Lights (Dreamtime Mix)

Excellent work, everybody.

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Mikeyten said...

Thankyou for the write up on your Blog and the link, much appreciated. cheers Mikeyten.