Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sound The Alarm, Ben Shive, Saucy Monky

Sound The Alarm - Stay Inside (2007)

Nice cover. Major label, mixed by Tom Lord-Alge. That's a clue right there.

The Verdict: Somebody somewhere loves this band. I guarantee they are younger than me and possibly on first name terms with the drummer. Competent, professional, and utterly uninspiring.

Rating:   2/15

Ben Shive - The Ill-Tempered Klavier (2008)

Not sure what to expect with this one. No barcode, so maybe a local Nashville release.

The Verdict: Turns out Ben is a well known producer and keyboardist in CCM circles (Caedmon's Call, Andrew Osenga, etc.) The sound is polished and grounded, well crafted piano pop. I actually listened to this most of the way home. In the right mood, I really like this kind of music. He has a good voice. The first track is one of those "sad people" songs (like Fountains of Wayne) so I'm liking this.

Rating:   12/15

Saucy Monky - Turbulence (2004)

This one was cheap and had bi-planes on the cover. I love bi-planes!

The Verdict: Girl driven pop-rock. Not terrible but didn't really grab me. Lots of tracks to choose from so maybe I just played the wrong ones. Seems a little precious.

Rating:   5/15 

Worthy download:   Ben Shive - A Name, A Name, A Name

Download is low quality, for sampling purposes only. If you like it, buy it here

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