Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sleep Of Reason - Building 27 (1987)

I don't know much about Sleep Of Reason. They released one album on Top Records in 1987 and came from the Vienna, Virginia area apparently. Band members were Steve Hansgen, Tom Rowland, Arnie Karklis and Vince Silberberg.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Random Eighties Memories February 2020

Laughing Stock - The Boy Who Never Sleeps
(from Pipe Dreams, 1985)

Quasi Hands - Lovelife
(from Quasi Hands, 1985)

These Are Houseplants - Sunshine Anytime
(from Nashville Rock, 1987)

Playing At Trains - A World Without Love
(12" Single, 1987)

One - Son Of The Sun
(from Upstream, 1989)

Lung Overcoat - Voice In The Box
(from Climbing Up The Hill, 1986)

Aerial FX - Out Of The Window
(from Watching The Dance, 1982)

Second Thoughts - Wrapped
(7" Single, 1985)

A Drop In The Ocean - Valentine's Day

Head For Tall Trees - A Question Of Love
(from Certain Damage! Volume 1, 1987)

Monica's Interval - To Follow
(from Tortoise, 1989)

Blue Hollow - Inhale
(from Stealing A Whisper, 1986)

Vis A Vis - I Am The Night
(from Heart And Soul, 1985)

Other Bright Colors - NPR
(from Endlessly Rocks The Cradle, 1986)

Cassell Webb - Total Recall
(from Llano, 1985)

House Of Pants - Pressed (1984)

I don't normally buy 6 track EPs (actually these days I don't buy much of anything) but anyways this one sat on my want list for quite a while before I got it back in 2017.

House Of Pants was another Oakland California band and the brainchild of Jeff Saltzman, who released a couple of EPs, including this one on Amorous Records and played around town before heading off into the legal field. In the 90's he was part of Green Day's management team. There's not much more information out there that I could find.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Greg Guidry - Over The Line (1982)

One of the downsides of obsessing over music that is between thirty and forty years old is that a lot of water has flowed under a lot of bridges by now. Memories fade, life moves on. Sometimes, I read about musicians who have enjoyed a recent reunion, satisfied with a legacy that is likely obscure but still loved, maybe even trying their hand at writing something new. More likely though, many of our heroes are nowhere to be found, and sadly, for some that is true in a literal sense, having passed on either through accident, death by natural causes, or, as in this case, by suicide. Personally, I pass no judgment. The great thing for me about music is that it lives on regardless of the triumphs or ills of its creators.

I found this record in Nashville about 5 years ago, and may well have left it alone except for a heartfelt post it note on the album somewhere that recommended it to a friend. It's perhaps a bit more mainstream, AOR style than I usually opt for, but depending on my mood, there is nothing wrong with that. One track even charted quite highly, and perhaps like one of my other rock discoveries from 1982, David Reilly, the fact that Greg had been honing his chops for years as a songwriter and backup singer imbued the album with a solid, satisfying songs. A little strange then, that it took until 2000 for it to see even a limited CD release, given that it was released originally by the mighty Columbia label.

Sadly, as I mentioned before, Greg committed suicide in 2003 in Fairview, Tennessee, at the age of 49. Having recently turned 50 myself, I am struck by how vulnerable the human male seems to be around the half century mark. Since then, other demo tracks and a posthumous album have been released - you can find them on iTunes, Spotify etc. - but not this one. If you enjoy the album, raise a glass on his behalf.

Over The Line

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Flag - Flag (1985)

Flag was a short lived collaboration between Archie Brown, formerly of Dexy's offshoot The Bureau, and David Cairns, previously well known in the UK for his involvement with a number of bands, most notably Secret Affair.

Although the writing partnership was largely productive, tensions arose with label Scotti Bros due to the mixing of the record. The album was released in the USA and Germany, but surprisingly not in England. A single "I Am" was released to radio but was not particularly successful. Nevertheless, highly underrated and worth a second listen.

More information on the band and album is here.


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Eubie Hayve - Mystery (1988)

Eubie Hayve were a phonetically amusing alternative rock band from Maryland, releasing two short LPs on their own Eubet Recordings label. Mystery was the second, more accomplished one. The band consisted of Ginger Hopkins on vocals, Anthony Mark Piazza on guitar, David Frey on bass and Devlin DeHaven on drums. "Work In Progress" was the single.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Random Eighties Memories - January 2020

Gerry Cott - Alphabet Town / Dean Ray - In La La / Neeva - Blue Star / 3 Ring Circuits - (As Seen) On TV / Life Without Principle - Business As Usual / Tin Drum - Break Your Back / The Westmorelands - Low Tide / Inner Landscapes - Amnesia / A Drop In The Ocean - Love To Love You / The Blue Law - Oppenheimer Hat / The Sonnets - Nothing To Lose / Frozen Concentrate - He/She/It / The Sullivans - Senseless / The Pulse - Trouble With John / The Naturals - Devil Smile

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Demarest - Word Gets Around

This week I'm going to share an independent LP from an Oakland band, led by Bruce Demarest. There's a little bit more info courtesy of the drummer, Dan Hertlein, here.

Word Gets Around (1987)
  1. The Once In A Blue Moon Girl
  2. Guilty
  3. False Front
  4. Word Gets Around
  5. Verbatim
  6. By Summertime
  7. On 2 And 4
  8. Walkin' The Beat
  9. Body Language
Download (mp3, 320kb)