Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thirty Eight Special

Today is my 38th birthday, and by way of celebration I am posting a compilation of thirty eight tracks that I think say something about the kind of music that I like and where I'm coming from. I can guarantee that you will find something you like on here. If you do, please let me know in the comments section. Many of these artists are in line to be featured in the next few weeks and months, all being well. I've split the tracks into four categories, with two bonus tracks to make a round number. I'm going to post half this week and the other half next Sunday if I get a positive response. Enjoy!

Disc One - Keep It Covered
  1. Guy Chadwick - Fall In Love With Me (covering David Bowie)
  2. Wilson Phillips - Go Your Own Way (covering Fleetwood Mac)
  3. Somegirl - The Model (covering Kraftwerk)
  4. Sandra - Such A Shame (covering Talk Talk)
  5. Mandy Moore - Senses Working Overtime (covering XTC)
  6. Collective Soul - Jealous Guy (covering John Lennon)
  7. Shawn Colvin - When The Rainbow Comes (covering World Party)
  8. Kelly Osbourne - Sound of the Crowd (covering Human League)
  9. Echo Image - Neverending Story (covering Limahl)
  10. Iris - The Picture (covering Hubert Kah)
Disc Two - B-Sides and Bonuses
  1. New Order - Don't Do It (B-Side of Fine Time)
  2. The Big Dish - Reverend Killer (B-Side of Slide)
  3. Chris Rea - Lies Become The Truth (extra track on French hits compilation)
  4. Midge Ure - Supernatural (B-Side of Cold, Cold Heart)
  5. Nik Kershaw - The Wrong Man (B-Side of Somebody Loves You)
  6. Black - Most of the Day (And All of the Night) (B-Side of Don't Take the Silence Too Hard)
  7. The Beautiful South - Java (B-Side of One Last Love Song)
  8. Boo Hewerdine - The King Is Dead (extra track on Japanese Thanksgiving CD)
  9. Keane - Snowed Under (B-Side of Somewhere Only We Know)
  10. The Feeling - When I Return (B-Side of Sewn)
UPDATE: My compilations have long since disappeared, so I've helpfully linked to available Amazon downloads if you should be interested. Oh yeah, 38 seems so young now!!!


haywire said...

thanks,fifty. i really enjoy visiting your blog; it's very informative and fun to read. thank you for your service to music fans everywhere, especially 80's fans.

Farhad said...

Can you PLEASE reupload link for track : Chris Rea - Lies Become The Truth (extra track on French hits compilation). I can it nowhere find .
Thank You