Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bone Symphony - Bone Symphony EP (1983)


Bone Symphony - Bone Symphony EP (1983)
  1. It's A Jungle Out There
  2. Everything I Say Is A Lie
  3. I'll Be There For You
  4. Piece Of My Heart
  5. Dome Of Spheres
Bonus Track:
One Foot In Front of the Other
Scott Wilk


haywire said...

hey, fifty!
Can't thank you enough for this one; enjoying it thoroughly, especially "Dome of the Spheres" and "It's A Jungle Out There".
Cheers, and Blog On!!! (because I'll certainly be reading!!)

Dez said...

can you re post this link. and thanks for your time

Anonymous said...

Is this a rip from a cassette? I got pretty clean rip from vinyl. I also got a 12'' of It's A Jungle Out There with 12'' and dub versions. If you are interested:

fiftypercent said...

This is not my rip, but it's probably from vinyl. The cassette cover is just for illustration. You can send me the mixes if you like.

Hank said...

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Shea Layton said...

Dead Link :( Repost?

mineforlife said...

No problem, I've updated the link. Thanks for stopping by!!