Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Game - Under The White Bible Law (1989)

Very little is known about this French new wave band. Mining similar territory to the British "gloss-pop" bands of the time such as Waterfront, Breathe and Johnny Hates Jazz, the group released two singles, "Walk Away" and the intriguingly named "Under The White Bible Law", followed by a solitary album of the same name. Impossible to find except in French record shops, the compact disc frequently sells at auction for over $100. The LP features ten tracks, and the CD includes a bonus track "Over The Sea".
The Game - Under The White Bible Law (1989)
  1. Walk Away
  2. Wise Men
  3. The Liberator
  4. Sun and Rain
  5. Celebrate
  6. The Spell
  7. Don't Push Me
  8. Blind Vision
  9. Time Is Mine
  10. Under The White Bible Law
  11. Over The Sea [Bonus Track]
  12. Walk Away [Extended Mix]
  13. Walk Away [Different Mix]
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Marc Dimitri (vocals)
H Lorthioir (guitars)
Patrick Larrieu (guitars)
J.-laurent Lardaud (bass)
F. Rottier (drums)
Dominique Cointre (keyboards)
Claire (backing vocals)


FlávioCosta said...

Grande album este.Obrigado

Jenny said...

Sweet baby jesus...thank you for this!!!!

fiftypercent said...

You are very welcome, Jenny :)

Patrick said...

Thank you for still remembering us, 20 years after the making of this album> My name is Patrick , I was the guitar player of this very enjoyable band.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias... Aún queda buena música po aquí.
PD: Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias por este album que no encontraba por ningun lado.

Marix said...

Hello Patrick, I loved you band. I From Peruvian and i like the new wave music and other styles. It's album so nice and beautiful. Muchas gracias por colocar este album, lo busca hace tiempo, una gran tema y buenos músicos.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you re-upload this cd. thx a bunch

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload...rapidshare is essentially gone.

Vragant said...

i don't know if you still have this album, but could you re-upload this please. Also congratulations, this is a great blog