Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Jeremy Days - The Jeremy Days (1988)

Watch out for hard-to-find, deleted, out of print or critically ignored compact discs released in the last thirty years...

The Jeremy Days - The Jeremy Days (1988)

  1. Fantastic Friend
  2. Julie Through The Blinds
  3. Are You Inventive
  4. Raintree Country
  5. This World
  6. That's What I Call Love
  7. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
  8. End, The
  9. Starting To Pretend
  10. Food And Coffee
  11. Brand New Toy
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I recently discovered the band The Jeremy Days through the usual mixture of happenstance and internet rambling. While I was looking for info on Sven Schumacher I found a reference to a band fronted by Dirk Darmstaedter. Dirk caught my eye because I noted that he founded Tapete Records in Germany which I also remembered was the label that talented American expat Tess Wiley is associated with. I had previously heard of Tess through a Paste magazine music sampler. A bit more digging and I discovered that Dirk had previously fronted a band called The Jeremy Days. I managed to find a couple of tracks on some German 80's music boards and then saw the debut CD at a local used CD store for $2.99. That's the way it goes sometimes.

I'm not sure how the band slipped through the net in the late 80's but there's some great music on the debut CD. All the videos have been uploaded to YouTube by Dirk himself.
Dirk Darmstaedter - Official Website
The Jeremy Days Official Website (in German)

**UPDATE** Got a nice link back from Dirk's blog. Gesundheit!


Herr X said...

For me "Rome wasn`t build in one day" is their best track - one of my favs 4ever... it`s like time traveling into 88/89 ...

Cajsa said...

I found "It is the time" in Berlin when I was there a few years ago. Bought it as the lady recommended it, and it was my best buy that year and the only of my albums that I always have to bring on travels, because I get panic if I'm not able to listen to a lot of the songs on that album.

Have since gotten more of their albums, and hope to get hold of the two I'm missing soon :o)