Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nomo - The Great Unknown LP (1985)

Nomo - The Great Unknown (1985)
  1. We Go To Sleep Believing
  2. The Great Unknown
  3. Dance The Dance
  4. Let It Come Down
  5. What A Little True Love Can Do
  6. Wailing Wall
  7. Killer Love
  8. Red Lipstick
  9. Slave For Love
  10. Facts Of Life
Red Lipstick (Dance Mix) via YouTube

David Batteau (Vocals)
Tony Humecke (Keyboards)
Eric Pressly (Bass)

[Link updated September 2012 - I have now posted my own vinyl rip with full artwork]


Anonymous said...

Man... I heard this back in college, back in the late 80's. Had a copy of a copy on cassette. Cassette's been long gone and been searching for this album since. Man... this is awesome. Long live Nomo!

Anonymous said...

I first heard "We Go To Sleep Believing" in high school on radio station DC101 in No. Va. As a budding guitarist and Police fanatic, my ears picked up when DJ "Surf" mentioned that Andy Summers was involved w/ the Nomo album as a session player. I bought the cassette a few days later but lost it three years later on a trip overseas and was never able to find another copy in any format. The melody and chorus to "Believing" had been burned in my brain for nearly 20 years w/o any way to hear it again... until now. Thank you for the chance to listen to a wonderful song from my youth!

Anonymous said...

Andy Summers performed on "Wailing Wall" - track 6.

Miss Parker said...

Thank you so much for filling in another empty piece of the puzzle...this is a fabulous find!


zooty23 said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

please repost this awesome album, your blogspot is marvelous. very thanks my friend

Juan López said...

muchas gracias por postear este tremendo disco...saludos desde Lima - Perú...