Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random 80's Wednesday

Press play on tape to hear this week's selections

[mp3] The Silencers - Painted Moon (from A Letter To St. Paul, 1988) Video
[mp3] H2O - I Dream To Sleep (from
Faith, 1984)
[mp3] Furniture - Brilliant Mind (from
The Wrong People, 1986) Video
[mp3] Prefab Sprout - The King of Rock 'N Roll (from
From Langley Park To Memphis, 1988) Video
[mp3] Vitamin Z - Burn For You (from
Sharp Stone Rain, 1989)


haywire said...

hi, fifty
if you're soliciting requests from us blogreaders, I would like to hear more Bone Symphony. Back in September you featured "Dome of the Spheres" in your random Wednesday 5; excellent tune!! I've been wondering what the rest of the EP is like. If you can possibly fulfill this request, thanx muchly; if not, thank you anyway for your blog and your efforts.

Delmar said...

Would you happen to have "Who'll Stop The Rain" by H20?