Friday, November 2, 2007

Endgames - Building Beauty

In which we imagine a world where the compact disc was introduced in 1980, and now-obscure artists and albums could be preserved for posterity...

Endgames - Building Beauty (1984)
  1. Love Cares
  2. The Universe Won't Mind
  3. Waiting For Another Chance
  4. Miracle In My Heart
  5. Love Building Beauty
  6. Desire
  7. Ecstacy
  8. Searching For Love
  9. Both of Us
This is my rip of the US version with a slightly different running order.
Endgames - More Beauty (B-Sides and Rarities)
  1. We Feel Good (Future's Looking Fine)
  2. Darkness
  3. Ready Or Not
  4. Look Now
  5. Love Cares (Extended Mix)
  6. Waiting For Another Chance (Extended Mix)
  7. Desire (Vocal Mix)
  8. Desire (Extended Mix)

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Anonymous said...

This album is a real gem. Not too many people got to hear the music on radio due to poor promotions. Here in the U.S., MCA released the album under license from Virgin Records, but did not promote it highly. In Southern California, only 1 station played their music: KNAC 105.5 - it was a new wave format station at the time in Long Beach.

"mystere" from Orange County California

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great album. I just like most of the stuffs you posted here.

BTW, any chance of ripping EndGames 'Natural' album. I miss 'Shouting out for love'



noguti said...

muito obrigado

Disco D said...

please please please
re-post the first link for the actual album.
the link is now dead :(

thank you!

Anonymous said...

great post,greetings from southamerica¡¡¡-MRDISCO-

Stathis said...

please re-post the link for the b-sides.
the link is dead
Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

Anonymous said...

Endgames were the first band I ever saw play live, as the opener for Howard Jones on the Human's Lib tour. Living in Glasgow at the time I went to see them a few more time after that.

monomod said...

Hi. Could you Plesse re-up the mixes AS the DL link is dead...
Thanks alot!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, just discovering your site and I'm quite amazed! Is there any chance of a re-upload on the Endgames LP and it's rarities compilation? I've been a fan ever since finding a used copy longer ago in the 80s than I'd care to admit.
Thanks much,

mineforlife said...

Hello I have reupped the "more Beauty" files. Thanks for requesting. The original album link should still be active.