Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sophie and Peter Johnston

If you've never heard of the pop duo Sophie and Peter Johnston then you are in for a treat. Kind of like Everything But The Girl but with more emphasis on synths, the band produced a peel session or two in the early 80's, released two or three singles, and then a full length self-titled album in 1987. They then tried out some new material under a different moniker, and then promptly disappeared.

In the last couple of years a website appeared, maintained by Peter Johnston, who had gone on to produce some solo work. This month has seen some exciting developments, as there is a brand new Sophie and Peter Johnston album out, as well as a retrospective compilation of the period 1983-1987.

Several downloads are available from the website, including new and rare tracks. All of their music is highly recommended. Here's a discography, including some rarities I've collected.

Single - "Losing You" b/w "60 Second Blow" (1985)

Single - "Happy Together" b/w "Sold On You" (1986)

Single - "Television Satellite" b/w "Take That Jerkin Off!" (1987)

Single - "Torn Open" b/w "Getting On" (1987)
Extra track on 12" - "Chasing A Dream"

Album - Sophie and Peter Johnston (1987)

Television Satellite
Open Up
A Bigger Temptation
Take That Jerkin Off!
Some Sunny Day
Happy Together
Torn Open
Run Away
I Want You To Know
No Time
Sold On You
Brain Def
Dreams (bonus track on Japanese CD release)

[UPDATE 2014 - the website appears to be defunct now, which is a shame. Sophie & Peter, I hope you guys are doing well!]


Whitehall Webby said...

Happy Together - now there was a song. Had it on 7" vinyl and miss it. Any chance you could upload it again?

gerys said...

Welcome, please reupload B side 7'' Television Satellite - "Take That Jerkin Off!".

Eco Hatillo Mtb said...

Please reupload all cds!

nexus63 said...

fake? or can you reupload?

nexus63 said...

only reupload "60 Second Blow" flac please