Friday, December 7, 2007


It's a cold, wet Friday afternoon here in Tennessee. A good time, then, to explore the colourful (and dry) reaches of cyberspace. Tomorrow, Christmas shopping madness awaits.

First of all, a big "mwah!" of blog lovin' to my bud The Ghost of Electricity as we do seem to talk the same language (i.e. "bother" rhymes with "hover) and his blog is chock-full of tasty bits 'n' pieces. Seemingly fearless, he even posted a track from Phillip Bailey's Chinese Wall album which, by a strange coincidence also contains the first single I ever bought ("Easy Lover") which remains a favourite to this day. Other posts include 808 State, The Killers (covering Dire Straits!) Aztec Camera (a tribute to Evel Knievel!) and, er, a pegboard. And what, pray, is "Aged P's"?

Also have to a mention Cesar from Mexico. Probably the only blog named after dog food (yes, that was an Eddie Izzard joke BTW). Recent posts include Fiat Lux, The Cranes, and a bunch of early 90's records.

If you've been enjoying the Christmas posts then hie thee over to the Duke of Straw, who has reposted two sizeable compilations of tunes. Oh, and take a sandwich with you, as a veritable cornucopia awaits - someone seems to have some free time this Christmas!

A recent addition to the blogroll is So Frenchy, a site that is very....French! Nice art, good tunes, nice girl. The art seems to be from DeviantArt by the way, always worth a surf.

Talking of DeviantArt, it's about time I mentioned emeraldiris, a photographer from Kentucky. I grabbed the header image for my site from her art page. Now, I really should buy a print. And so should you!


Davy H said...

That's the best MWAH! I've had in a long while dear boy, so bless you. Although it's true that I don't get out much...

Aged Ps = 'Aged Parents' - as used by the character Wemmick in Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations' wot I read at skool x


That Ghost Davy is a good lad, isn't he?

Stu McPoo said...

Just a quick note to thank you for what's become one of my favourite blogs since discovering it a few weeks back. Particularly enjoy R80W, but there are enough surprises to keep me coming back every day of the week. All the best to you