Saturday, December 1, 2007

On The First Day Of Christmas

Like other bloggers I know, I'm going to start posting some Christmas songs as we get into the holiday season. I've collected quite a few over the years, and many of these are not widely known or easily available. Let me know which ones you like, or if you have any requests.

Frazier Chorus - Christmas Every Year

Red Flag - Black Christmas

Eurythmics - Winter Wonderland


Kippers said...

Brilliant - thanks for those.I'd not heard the Frazier Chorus track before, despite remembering the band quite well.

This is an excellent blog, by the way. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

That Frazier Chorus track is amazing, a rare gem indeed. Can't wait to see what else you post. These are what Christmas compilations should be made of, I say Bah-Humbug to Cliff and X-Factor winners!

Well done, great blog...

A n d r e w