Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spot The Difference

(with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

All the Whos down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot
But the grinch (with a great taste in music) did NOT

"They'll do all their shopping at the Who-Mart store,
And they'll buy for anyone they met before,
Nannies and teachers, accountants and preachers,
Neighbors and cousins and other strange creatures.
They'll draw out a map of the space by the tree
Using GPS to position a present or three
They'll buy garlands and ribbons and musical elves
Candy and candles will fly off the shelves
They'll buy Bratz dolls and Star Wars toys I suppose
Like that cool R2-D2 (I want one of those!)
And indoor helicopters - now that's a great toy
(A bit better than the one I got as a boy)
They'll buy Hannah Montana CD's, I'll bet
No sign of that Red Box reissue as yet (bah humbug, Warners!)
And what's all this HD and Blu-Ray widescreen TV?
When there's no Metal Mickey out on DVD?"

But the real reason the grinch seemed so sad
Was that it was at this time of year when he saw what he had
And realized that lots of who-girls and boys
Weren't waiting this year for a sack of who-toys
They'd like some clean clothes and a bed of their own
To bathe in clean water and live in a home
The old Whos who'd worked in Whoville for years
Are living alone, confused and in fear
For all the PILLS, PILLS, PILLS)
And veterans who served their country in war
Are left out to rot like rags on the floor
Who's in charge here? Whoever they are
Will wave as they drive quickly by in the car
Just in time to arrive at the great who-bilation
Proud that they live in such a great nation
They'll wave all their flags and they'll fire who-rockets
And keep who-paws safe inside their who-pockets

And the grinch thought to himself:
"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store,
Maybe, just maybe, Christmas means a little bit more,
If we all think of someone we haven't before,
Maybe, just maybe, Christmas can come for us all."


MissParker0106 said...

You ***rock***. Thanks for doing your part to put things into perspective. I agree with the Grinch. :-)

Davy H said...