Monday, January 21, 2008

Dubh Chapter - Silence, Cunning & Exile (1990)

By special request!

Dubh Chapter - Silence, Cunning & Exile (1990)

  1. Palace Of Dreams
  2. Happy Is The Bride
  3. Say The Word
  4. Touch And Go
  5. The Devil You Know
  6. To See You Again
  7. One Of Those Fools
  8. ...Of Loss And Wreck
  9. On Any Other Day
  10. All My Souvenirs
  11. Just A Rumour
[UPDATE] Finally got around to re-posting this one, thanks for all the requests!! October 2013

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Miss Parker said...

I absolutely *adore* you for doing this.

G Magill said...

BRILLIANT - long I have looked to get a copy of this one - Touch N Go and Happy Is The Bride were such great singles - thanks a million for posting this one - it really is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Reposted please,please.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

repost please?

mineforlife said...

will repost in May when I am back in the USA

Iano1 said...

Re post Pleaseeeee!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, the link don't work please repost

Sebastian said...

Am I the only one getting "your download has started" but no actual download?

Mind using some other file sharing site like mediafire, rapidshare, etc.?

Dying to listen to this classic.