Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Great Smiths Covers Competition

Track 2 - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

As covered by:

Dream Academy

I also really like the version by The Scattered Pages. This version is available on a compilation produced to benefit the homeless and the MP3 is available to purchase at Amazon here. You can also stream the whole track here.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite!


Those Charming Men said...

Hi friend!! I found Your blog accidently!! My favorite covers are Scott Matthews, There is a light... & Gene loves jezebel, Ask!
I think they are great version!!!

I have muy own blog about The Smiths and Mozz, Visit me if you want!
I'm from argentina!!


Mick said...

This will annoy the Smiths purists but I thimk the Dream Academy version of Please Please... is better than the original.

Miss Parker said...

Elefant, hands down. Looks like I was on my own for the last vote (JeJune).

Davy H said...

But you're not this time Miss P - it's Elefant for me too.

lorna said...

I love Kirsty Mc Coll's version of
"you just haven't earned it yet baby"

Miss Parker said...

"But you're not this time Miss P - it's Elefant for me too."

Woohoo! Great minds think alike.

fiftypercent said...

For the record, I've had that Elefant version in my head all week. Something about a New Year, and reflecting on ten years of marriage, makes the lyrics very relevant to me. Amazing considering they were penned by a single, celibate whippersnapper.

Thanks guys for hanging around my campfire.

Davy H said...

We'll stay longer if you bring marshmallows.

Miss Parker said...

"Whippersnapper" - LOL!

Since celebrating my last...*ahem* (we won't go into any actual numbers) birthday, it seems like just about *everyone* is a "whippersnapper" these days!