Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reformation, Reformation

Is it me or are there a crazy amount of reformations of 80's bands right now?

For example: The Blow Monkeys want you to pre-order the new album, before which they are releasing a double CD greatest hits set.

Other artists getting the double CD treatment include Paul Young and two extended Thompson Twins reissues - and about time too!

Swing Out Sister have a new CD "Beautiful Mess" out next month in Japan, with a release elsewhere hopefully to follow soon.

Johnny Hates Jazz have got back together (minus Clark Datchler, who has done other good things of his own recently) so it's now the Calvin and Mike show.

ABC have a new album Traffic slated for release in March. I quite liked the last album Skyscraping back in 1997. Eleven years later, I'm not getting my hopes up. I always preferred the cartoons, anyway. How about the video for "Be Near Me"?

In case you missed it, Carol Decker (of T'Pau) released her solo single "Just Dream" last September.

I'll probably get taken to task for this, but I had no idea that Level 42 had released a new album a year or two back, and were planning some extensive gigs in the coming year. There's a lot of videos and other stuff at the Official Website.

In unrelated news, Guns 'N' Roses have apparently finished Chinese Democracy. It's being delivered by Nessie, Bigfoot and the Yeti, all of which are more likely to be seen in a record store. Oh, wait. Sorry, I meant that Nessie, Bigfoot and the Yeti are more likely to be seen than a record store. Anywho, my point is that if you had been working on the same album for over ten years, maybe you should consider changing the title to something like S**t I should Have Done Years Ago When Somebody Cared. Just a thought.

Spandau Ballet - Reformation (great song BTW)

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"S**t I should Have Done Years Ago When Somebody Cared."