Saturday, March 1, 2008

Banderas - Ripe (1991)

Watch out for hard-to-find, deleted, out of print or critically ignored compact discs released in the last 20 years...

The 1991 debut release by the British duo Banderas has a rather misleading cover image, that of two oddly-dressed women sporting Sinead O'Connor-style crew cuts with the band's Spanish-sounding name sprawled across the top of the picture. Perhaps Ripe's failure was due to consumer confusion; is Banderas a Spanish-language punk band, or a bizarre Sinead side project? One listen to the album, however, reveals neither is true. Banderas is actually an ace pop band, and its one and only album, Ripe, is addictive ear candy. The two members (vocalist Caroline Buckley and violinist/keyboardist Sally Herbert) receive ample assistance from producer extraordinaire Stephen Hague, but the album's real star is Buckley, who sings with confidence and clarity. Her voice soars on the funky, beautifully produced album opener "This Is Your Life" and the eerie "May This Be Your Last Sorrow." While Ripe's remanding eight tunes don't quite scale the same heights, Caroline Buckley's extraordinary pipes save the material from sinking into mediocrity. A few lackluster songs drag down the album, but this was a promising debut, and Banderas boasted an incredible vocalist in Caroline Buckley. But even with guest appearances from some of the biggest names in British pop (including Jimmy Somerville, guitarist Johnny Marr, and New Order's Bernard Sumner), the album didn't perform well in Europe and sank like a stone in the States, and they never released a second album. Ripe will almost certainly never be widely heard, and Banderas is forever shunned into pop obscurity. It's a shame this talented act never saw the success it deserved. (from

Banderas - Ripe (1991)
  1. This Is Your Life
  2. The Comfort of Faith
  3. May This Be Your Last Sorrow
  4. First Hand
  5. Why Aren't You in Love With Me?
  6. She Sells
  7. Too Good
  8. Don't Let That Man
  9. It's Written All Over My Face
  10. Never Too Late

This Is Your Life (UK Version)
This Is Your Life (US Version)
She Sells
May This Be Your Last Sorrow (video unavailable?)

This Is Your Life (Red Book Mix)
This Is Your Life (Easy Life Mix)
This Is Your Life (Dodi's Crossover Mix)
She Sells (Apollo 440 Mix)


Mikeyten said...

Great post, Ilove this album, Mikeyten

Anonymous said...

I remember this song and video living in Holland in 1991 (senior year of highschool). Thanks for the memory!

Jaime Alves said...

Man, you're great!
I've looking for this record for several years!
Thanks a lot

Superman said...

The file was removed from the served. Please, upload it again using another server. I want to download this amazing Banderas album. Please, repair the download link.

Anonymous said...

I remember, I first saw the This Is Your Life video in 1991, and although I didn't quite dig the fact the two ladies had their heads shaven, I just loved their single!

I thought it sounded a lot like the Pet Shop Boys material of the same period (from 1989 to 1990, I'd say).

I hope they somehow try a come-back! They would really, really deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I remember this album when it came out and have been looking for it ever since, great vocals, thanks

Gustavo said...

Ended up here looking for the album's artwork for my ipod.
I love this record to pieces, I bought it back then for the Sommerville connection and didn't regret it once. I actually had to buy it twice, because someone stole my first CD copy.

metric said...

" Its Written All Over my Face " just played - this CD is in my all time favorites display as to the 7 long neck boxes filled with CD's - Good to see people still appreciate some obscure genius from the early 90's -

Anonymous said...

Bought this when it came out but never listened to the whole disc until now (unfortunately). I was looking for what else they did...damn it.

Musc said...

i was lmloking for several long time for this album.

but the link not working anymore ;(

could it be reposted?

please please please ;)


The file could not be found. Please check the download link.

Richard the Big Bunny said...

Easily my favourite one-off album ever! Also note: "It's Written All Over My Face" is slightly different [longer middle-8] on the B-side of THIS IS YOUR LIFE -- just sharing/trivia. (-: