Thursday, March 27, 2008

Got Any Bandwidth?

See? I lay off the posting for a couple of weeks, and what happens, my file hosting bandwidth gets sucked dry. For the first time, ever. Gee, I must be getting popular, or something. Wait until I manage to work Britney Spears, Hannah Montana and David Cook from American Idol into the same sentence. Oops, too late!

I'm going to scout around for some additional file hosting options - preferably with the hotlinking so you can preview the file in SnapShots (which I think is cool, anyway).

In the meantime, my bandwidth will reset in a couple of days and I'm going to post some additional links for anyone who can't wait to hear Fiat Lux and It's Immaterial again.


Stefin said...

Why not use different file host ?

Have no file upload or download limits and they pay for file downloads.

Davy H said...

Mediafire's pretty good too FP - no limits, no charges.

Fiat Lux are fab aren't they? I have Mick to thank for fuelling my interest in them.

Miss Parker said...

*Britney Spears*???? Oh, the humanity! (You just did that to get more hits from Google - lol!)

I don't have the bandwidth problem because I remain one of the Internet's greatest, erm, secrets. So unfortunately, I can't offer any solutions. Good luck to you! I know you'll get it sorted out.

LowOiL said...

You probable got crawled by and some other mp3 crawl sites... It brings in people.. but mostly leech and go folks.

Not that I leave a comment every time I grab... but.. I'm special... Smile..

BTW.. the Hitherland stuff was truely awesome. Big Salute...