Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oscillate Wildly

One of the more geeky things that I do (and there are a few) is keep a list of my favorite music artist in any given month. It's a lot easier than trying to keep a chart (although now I'm using i-Tunes to play my music collection during the day, I'm getting there) and it's kind of an interesting way to see what type of music has been capturing my attention. For example, I can look back to early 2003 and how, after hearing Alphaville's "Forever Young" for the first time, I spent the rest of the year discovering modern European synthpop and the so-called darkwave artists, such as Wolfsheim, De/Vision and Camouflage. Other artists that have also made the list at various times in the last few years include Richard Hawley, Hard-Fi, The Feeling, U2 and, periodically, spoken word performances such as the author Bill Bryson and comedian Eddie Izzard. I compare my fluctuating musical tastes to a kind of aural Doctor Who, popping back and forward in time relatively seamlessly, making a few interesting discoveries, and then traveling on again.

All this is kind of a round about way of discussing the fact that in the Spring of 2008, I am hopelessly obsessed with obscure 80's material. Almost to the point where I am too busy making discoveries to update my blog anywhere near as often as I'm used to. So if you noticed that I've been slacking, then I accept that, I apologize for neglecting MFL and thanks for still being around to read this.

One positive aspect is that I have enough new material to keep my "Random 80's" posts going for quite a while. I also have a lot of albums to put up. I'm really tempted right now to go the whole hog and get myself the Ion USB turntable I thought about for Christmas so I can get digging into the large quantities of second-hand vinyl I am starting to notice more often nowadays.

If I'm not blogging at the moment, you can find me on Soulseek. I used the program back in 2003 to investigate some of the synthpop acts I was just discovering. For a couple of years, it looked like membership had declined, but I've been able to track down a lot of good stuff recently and Soulseek is a really good place to discuss your finds and get recommendations from friends. If you should see me on there, say hello.

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Miss Parker said...

I'm curious to see what you think about the turntable when you get it. I, too, am thinking of going that route since I have stacks of 60's, 70's and 80's vinyl just going to waste. Thanks, as always for the great posts. Cheers!