Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm always happy to report on the discovery of a good music blog. Today, I'd like to introduce Best Kept Secrets, which I discovered while googling an Immaculate Fools album. Let me put it this way: anyone who has the good taste to feature albums by Brotherhood of Lizards, The Silencers, Diesel Park West and The Caretaker Race in just the last couple of weeks clearly deserves your time and attention. You can also find The Indian Givers album Love Is A Lie, which I have never seen anywhere previously except, of course, on the fine blog you are now reading.


Miss Parker said...

What a fabulous find! There's a prominent feature on the Chameleons...thank you for sharing this.

Mikeyten said...

Yes a good blog, you may like this new one too,

Cheers Mikeyten.