Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Darden Smith - Midnight Train (1991)

This is for whiteray at Echoes In The Wind.

This is a promotional CD, featuring the Texas singer-songwriter Darden Smith being interviewed by his frequent collaborator, former The Bible frontman Boo Hewerdine. An entertaining listen.

Darden Smith - Midnight Train (1991)
1. Midnight Train (Album Version)
2. Theory of life and the lord of the flies
3. Trouble No More *
4. Playing live and best/worst gig
5. Frankie & Sue *
6. A bridge in Tahiti
7. Love Left Town *
8. Toes tapping all across America
9. All I Want (Is Everything) *
10. The Bible and Marvin Gaye
11. Abraham, Martin and John *
12. Where did you get your name?
13. Evidence *
14. Story telling and songwriting
15. Listen to My Own Voice *
16. First song written/favorite songs
17. Midnight Train *

* Live, in-studio acoustic performance by Darden Smith and Boo Hewerdine


McDoC said...

I don't know much about Boo Hewerdine's work after The Bible. So i think this one's interesting. Thanks man. By the way, i have sent you an email.

whiteray said...

Hmmm . . . I left a comment here yesterday, I thought. Well, again, thanks so much for this. I've heard bits of it over the years but never the whole thing. And it fits nicely into my Darden collection. It's very much appreciated!

Red Hector said...

I love the Bible and Boo, and Darden and Eddi too.. and all connected and related artists that I was taken to calling "the last songwriters.."

So thank you for this, I am downloading now and looking forward to listening..

Also I have not even finished with page 1 of your blog for far, and I am already sold on your insights, with excellent writing, on unique topics. I am adding you to my favorites and will proceed to look over your archives and keep an eye out for future posts. Thanks!