Monday, July 14, 2008

Lauren Christy - Lauren Christy (1994)

In which we imagine a world where madchester, grunge and britpop took a backseat to music that meant something...

Lauren Christy's debut album is chock full of ballads that are too smart for adult contemporary audiences, but not edgy enough for listeners of independent music. Her follow-up, 1997's Breed, was more along the lines of a riot grrl and came along the time Alanis Morissette, Tracy Bonham, and other female singer/songwriters were really taking over the charts, and it makes you wonder which is really the path Christy wanted to pursue, or if both are different aspects of her. Though she wrote or co-wrote each of the songs on this album, there's a blandness to most of them that doesn't warrant repeated listens. On the other hand, "Steep" could be the gentlest, most real, most moving breakup song ever recorded, and "Vanessa's Father," about a girl falling in love with one of her friends' fathers, is so deftly worded and produced that there is nothing icky about the subject matter. Unfortunately, most of the songs just don't stand out at all. (

Well, I didn't think it was that bad. And who can't love a song called "My Jeans I Want Them Back"? Relatively unknown in her own right, Lauren is now one third of the songwriting juggernaut The Matrix.

Lauren Christy - Lauren Christy (1994)
  1. Rain
  2. You Read Me Wrong
  3. Steep
  4. The Rumour
  5. River of Time
  6. Vanessa's Father
  7. My Jeans I Want Them Back
  8. Adult Afraid of the Light
  9. Meet Me In America
  10. Woman's Song
  11. Take Me To The Church

Bonus track: "Anywhere The Wind Blows" from the movie Seven Girlfriends

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KulPop said...

I really like the first Lauren Christy album, still listen to it every once and a while. Thanks for the bonus track, I didn't have it.



Anonymous said...

thank you! i've really been looking for this :D