Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nicky Holland - Nicky Holland (1991)

In which we imagine a world where madchester, grunge and britpop took a backseat to music that meant something...

On her eponymous debut, Nicky Holland performs U.K. flavored smooth pop in a similar vein to the music of Sade, Basia, and Swing Out Sister. This is one of those releases that is very enjoyable to listen to, but the material doesn't stick with the listener. Ms. Holland has an adequate voice and the production and musicianship are fine, but the music is not memorable. A sign of a great album is that it haunts the listener between listens, which compels them to return for more listens. This is not a great album; but for those in-the-moment listens, it's good. (

Nicky Holland - Nicky Holland (1991)
  1. Prelude
  2. Ladykiller
  3. Tongue Tied And Twisted
  4. Colouring Blue
  5. Independence Days
  6. This Town
  7. Box of Rain
  8. Face of the Moon
  9. Running Around Again
  10. The Night We Never Met
  11. On the Stairs

[Update - Album has been reposted by request!! October 2013]

Charming old school Nicky Holland web page

[This website is now defunct]


xolondon said...

gahhh! Didn't she do some of this with Lloyd Cole in his swoony Glen Campbell phase? Ladykiller maybe?

Davy H said...

I think he co-wrote that. I've never heard of anyone else that has this album: My Lovely Wife bought it after hearing one of the songs on Soft Girls' FM or some such station and it became the record of our first blissful summer holiday together in rural France, BB (Before Babies). It still evokes all that most powerfully, so its artistic merit or lack of it becomes neither here nor there for us. Funny and quite nice when that happens.

Brad said...

She co-wrote a couple tunes from Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds of Love (and played on the tour). I have an autographed copy of this CD.

TheStockportYears said...


re: Nicky Holland

The Rapidshare link is down, and I'd love to download this album - I had the CD 20 years ago, but don't seem to have it anymore.
Can you re-upload, or maybe send it me as a zipped file? is my e-mail if you're okay to get in touch, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting this reposted again? Box link doesn't seem to be working.
Thanks in advance!