Sunday, August 3, 2008

Babybird - Ugly Beautiful (1996)

Prolific Englishman Stephen Jones, AKA Babybird, has the mind of a cynic and the heart of a romantic. Ugly Beautiful, his major-label debut, is a crafty contrast of splendiferous pop melodies and biting lyrics. The songs are all simple and repetitive, lacking much in the way of tempo shifts and bridges. But Ugly Beautiful bobs, thanks to a balance of lively rock, moaning balladry and otherworldly trip-hop, embellished with swelling strings, chiming music boxes and warbling keyboards. And lyrics like "Are you Jesus without the nails? ... Are you Paris without snails?" make Babybird more than just the latest U.K. fad. Watch out, Morrissey. (Rolling Stone, 1997)

Babybird - Ugly Beautiful (1996)
  1. Goodnight
  2. Candy Girl
  3. Jesus Is My Girlfriend
  4. I Didn't Want To Wake You Up
  5. Atomic Soda
  6. You're Gorgeous
  7. Bad Shave
  8. Cornershop
  9. King Bing
  10. You And Me
  11. 45 And Fat
  12. Handsome To Be Homeless
  13. July
  14. Baby Bird

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Mikeyten said...

e this album,great choice,mikeyten

私が告白した:私は利用された said...

I did like You're Gorgeous, one of the unusual tracks I listened to in the 90s which I am still fond of today. That is what that makes British music so charming - the occasional one hit that makes one sits up to listen to not because of the lush current production but its simplicity and fundamental adherence to melody, lyrics and basic delivery style. No frills. Just vocals and the tune. It happens in the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. Brilliant. ~ chwee (singapore)

A Dashing Blade said...

Excellent post, thx for this

hannahbannana said...

Thanks for the post>>>I love Baby Bird!!!!!