Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random 80's Wednesday

Tears For Fears - Wino (7" Single, 1981)
Robert Hazard - Escalator of Life (From Robert Hazard EP, 1982)
Interview - The Adventurers (From Interview, 1980)
Colour Code - Dance With The Times (12" Single, 1984)
Seven - Stranger Than Fiction (7" Single, 1984)

The TFF track is a particularly rare B-Side, which has yet to be released on CD. I've been hanging out at the Tears For Fears fansite Memories Fade. Did I mention that Curt Smith has released a new solo album this year? Amazing how many new releases seem to slip by these days. Sad to read about the untimely passing of Robert Hazard last week. A Philadelphia legend, no paragraph can ever be written about the man without including the fact that he wrote "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". I wonder if Miley Cyrus knew that when she recorded her cover version. Interview is a band I know very little about, but I believe they released a couple of albums. I'm betting that the premier 80's US Power Pop blog has more information on them. The Colour Code track is an absolute classic, I can't believe it's taken me nearly a year to feature it. This is the Blue Mix. I don't really know anything about the Seven track. Another one I picked up from Torchomatic back in the day. Good sleeve too.


Mikeyten said...

Thanx for the Tears track and sad to hear that Robert Hazard has died,Great single.cheers Mikeyten

Rissan said...

Thanks for the TFF song.

Anonymous said...

FYI....Interview were a UK band tha were lumped into the new wave late 70's scene, but were more power-pop to my ears....drumer Manny Ellias later played in/for Tears for Fears....check out the Interview song "To The People" somewhere, it's awesome!!!! jim

Royston Vasey said...

Thanks for the Colour Code track! I bought the 12" 24 years ago, in 1984, after it was featured (a lot) on KFM (Stockport's pirate radio station at the time).

I have been after this track on mp3 for a while. My original vinyl is in an attic in the UK, whilst I know live in NZ.


Anonymous said...

I found this random hand drawn EP vinyl in an old library collection and last night discovered a master piece...Escalator of Life. I am wondering is the cover of the album is really hand drawn by Hazard himself...AWESOME

Anonymous said...

Hey, any way I could get any of these songs as mp3 downloads? I have been searching for 'Escalator' for a LONG time, nobody had any idea what I was talking about! I LOVE it - great memories!

MJGB said...

The guitarist from Colour Codes is my Computing teacher at College!!

Oscar said...

I'm looking for Seven's Stranger than fiction mp3, but the link in this blog seems to point to nowwhere. Is it available anywhere?. Thanks in advance