Thursday, August 21, 2008

Various Artists - Shooting Fish Soundtrack (1997)

Appropriately for a post-Trainspotting, post-Brit-pop British indie film, the soundtrack to Shooting Fish contains a selection of second-wave Brit-pop bands and lush Burt Bacharach oldies. It's an entertaining collection, boasting selections from Space, the Supernaturals, Silver Sun, Symposium, David McAlmont, the Wannadies, Dubstar, the Divine Comedy and the Bluetones. Each of the contributions are solid, but only a handful, such as the Bluetones' "Bluetonic," are better-than-average Brit-pop, which means that the soundtrack fails to capture the excitement (not to mention the zeitgeist) of its era, which Trainspotting did effortlessly. Nevertheless, Shooting Fish is a good sampler for Brit-pop fans who want to explore second-level bands they've only read about in the weeklies. Just be warned that some of the bands don't live up to the hype. There can only be so many Best Bands in Britian, after all, and Symposium, Space and the Supernaturals don't necessarily have a fighting chance, especially since Suede, Blur, Pulp, Oasis, the Manic Street Preachers, the Verve and Radiohead are already vying for the title. (from

Is it me or do a lot of "Second wave Brit-pop bands" start with the letter S? Just a thought. A good Soundtrack and a decent little movie, though.

Original Soundtrack - Shooting Fish (1997)
  1. Me And You Vs The World (Space)
  2. Beautiful Alone (Strangelove)
  3. Day Before Yesterday's Man (Supernaturals)
  4. Golden Skin (Silver Sun)
  5. Twist (Symposium)
  6. Neighborhood (Space)
  7. What The World Need Now Is Love (Jackie De Shannon)
  8. I'm A Better Man (David McAlmont)
  9. Body Medusa (Supereal)
  10. Friends (Wannadies)
  11. Bluetonic (Bluetones)
  12. Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Dionne Warwick)
  13. In Charge (Dubstar)
  14. To Be The One (Passion Star)
  15. In Pursuit Of Happiness (Divine Comedy)
  16. Shooting Fish (Stanislas Syrewicz)



xolondon said...

THANKS for this rare one!

Richard the Big Bunny said...

I have this. Super! Worth it for the Dubstar track alone. (-: