Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's Another Year?

I don't have time for a full post today but it hasn't escaped my notice that today is the first anniversary of Mine For Life!

I am a little surprised to report that the most popular album I have posted in that time is Johnny Logan's cheese-fest Hold Me Now. The original post is here.

I'm quite confident I have barely scratched the surface of all the artists, albums, tracks and miscellany I plan to mention - so hopefully I'll be around for a good while yet.


Miss Parker said...

Happy Anniversary! We look forward to many, many more!

All the best to you and yours.

fiftypercent said...

Thanks MP. Your support has meant a lot to me. Thanks.

Mason Library said...

gahhh! I am late. And I drank the bubbly already. Happy First!

Davy H said...

You started with Johnny Logan?? Frankly, I'm surprised you lasted this long. Happy One'th x

Mikeyten said...

Enjoy your b-day,i enjoy your blog,cheers Mikeyten

McDoC said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your blog is definitely one of the best! Appreciate the time and effort you put in it. CHEERS!!!

EuropeCrazy said...

Happy blog birthday! Yours is one of my favourite blogs, and your posts always bring back lots of great musical memories for me.

Best wishes and hope to read lots more of your brilliant blog :)))

Anonymous said...

Two months ago, I bumped to this site while looking for EndGame's Building Beauty. I've been hooked since.

Thanks for your work