Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm continuing to get a lot of pleasure out of SwapACD. Now, if only it could go international...

Rene at RetroWonderland managed to survive the hurricane in Texas, and responded by posting some fantastic floor-fillers. Included recently have been Blancmange, Hubert Kah, Berlin, Kate Bush, Spandau Ballet, Tasmin Archer, Tears For Fears - you get the idea. Excellent job, Rene!

Here's a new site for you. Digital Needle has a wide variety of music, recent posts include The Bluebells, Tones On Tail and Japan.

Just found out that Cherry Red Records have released a compilation of tracks by The Mood. Their most famous track is "Paris Is One Day Away" I believe and this was a particular favorite of Simon at Torchomatic.

Lots of good stuff at Castles In Space lately, including an album and single by Bradford - obscure indie pop at it's best!

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