Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pick 'N' Mix

A few other random thoughts for the week.

I was at my daughter's dance class the other day when I heard a really amazing piece. I'm sure everyone else heard this a long time ago. But if you haven't, take a listen.

All the discussion about the merits of Sarah Palin here in the US reminded me of an observation the Right Honourable James Hacker made in Yes Prime Minister. For the record, I'm a Sun reader:

With previous posts mentioning Charlotte Martin covering "Just Like Heaven", Angie Hart covering "Pictures of You" and Kate York covering "Boys Don't Cry" I've been researching my own Cure Covers Compilation, for which I'm open to suggestions. Here's another one, Patchwork Grace covering "The Lovecats" and doing a great job. Apparently there is another Cure tribute being released next month for charity, which includes Bat For Lashes doing "A Forest".

I've just signed up for SwapaCD, which is a great idea I'm surprised I had not heard of before. For those of you in the US, basically it allows you to offer CD's to swap and make requests for new CD's that you want. Within a week I have offloaded about 20 discs I could not sell on eBay, and got new ones by Ringside, Gran Ronde and Paul Simon. It's like a huge virtual thrift store, with the only downside being that the waiting list for recent releases runs into double figures. Even so, well worth checking out. And be careful, it's quite addictive! If you do sign up, you can mention me as a referral, my user name is fiftypercent.

Here's some more stuff that has caught my ear lately:

JJ72 - It's A Sin
The Dandys - Dirty Weekend
Kent - If You Were Here

By the way, I'm having trouble embedding YouTube video, for some reason the screen keeps locking after playing for a couple of seconds. If this happens to you, I apologize - you should probably click through to the original YouTube post.


Anonymous said...

hi, can you please post this one, ive looking for this for a long time...



Davy H said...

I had that YouTube prob too - downloading Flash Player again and closing any other players (e.g. Last FM) you have open at the same time seems to sort it. Sheesh, hark at me.