Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vienna - Guess What? (1987)

The most successful Austrian musician of the 20th century was, unsurprisingly, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In second place was Peter Wolf, who produced Starship, Heart, Kenny Loggins, The Commodores, Wang Chung, Chicago, and many others.

Guess What was a one off record in collaboration with his wife, Ina Wolf, under the moniker Vienna. The result was a surprisingly cohesive and dramatic album.

Vienna - Guess What?
  1. Talking With The Heart
  2. Vienna
  3. Guess What?
  4. I Love Changes
  5. Just A Little Girl
  6. An Eye For An Eye
  7. Somewhere In A Corner
  8. The Best Ones Are Taken
  9. Kisses On The House
  10. July


Anonymous said...

I remember the video of 'Talking from the heart' and have been trying to get it for the last two years now without success, can anybody help me here please?

mineforlife said...

Updated link