Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nostalgia Trip: Action Transfers

Anyone remember these things? Minutes of fun guaranteed, thanks to Action Transfers or Letraset, as I seem to remember they were also called.

You could relive the best moments from movies by carefully rubbing your transfer onto a generic background using a ballpoint pen. I remember this because it was about the only time a ballpoint pen would find it's way into my grubby little mitt.

Inevitably, the transfers would go wrong, and Obi-Wan Kenobi would get cut in half - without a lightsaber. They were permanent, so if you accidentally rubbed on a stormtrooper upside down, you had to claim that the force had thrown him against the wall or something.

It wasn't just Star Wars, either. At one time you could get rub-on transfers for anything. There's a website devoted to the subject here.

Well folks I looked for more exciting websites devoted to the subject, but I guess that's your lot.


JON said...

Off topic, but: love the new look of the blog!

Simon said...

I loved those transfers!! I had the Star Wars one in the pic, and I remember some strange aliens/space trooper things. And Tom Baker's DR Who!!