Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pigs Will Fly

I'm not sure if everyone has been paying attention, but 2008 has turned into a bumper year for reissues of classic albums on CD.

When I started posting my wish lists on 80's boards a few years ago, most of them were pipe dreams. Now, with the dwindling market for physical product generally, it seemed likely that future releases would go towards an electronic format. However, we've seen a bunch of new releases recently that give me great hope for the future.

Here are just a selection that are either available now or will be soon.

Red Box - The Circle And The Square
This is great news indeed. For several years an online petition has been floating around. This is one of the rare CD albums that I originally bought back in 1988, but it eventually got lost somewhere (I'm still expecting it to turn up in an attic at some point) and so a remastered version is very welcome.

Track list: For America/Heart Of The Sun/Billy's Line/Bantu/Living In Domes/Lean On Me (Reprise)/Chenko (Tenka-Io)/Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)/Saskatchewan/Leaders In Seventh Heaven/Walk Walk/Amen/R 'N' A (Bonus Track)/Stinging Bee (Bonus Track)/Enjoy (Solid Gold Easy Amex) (Bonus Track)/Speeches (Bonus Track)/Chenko (Tenka-Io) Original Cherry Red Version (Bonus Track)/Valley Original Cherry Red Version (Bonus Track)

Wild Swans - Bringing Home The Ashes
Reissued in an expanded two disc set in Europe, here in the US this album has been re-released with little fanfare. A classic concoction of post-punk guitar pop. I sold my original version for about $50 a few years back - and then regretted it.

Track list: Young Manhood/Bible Dreams/Bitterness/Archangels/Northern England/Whirlpool Heart/Bringing Home The Ashes/Mythical Beast/Now And Forever/The Worst Year Of My Life/Holy Holy/World of Milk and Blood/1982/Pure Evil

Stephen TinTin Duffy - The Ups And Downs
Another welcome reissue, available in November.

Frazier Chorus - Sue

Track list: Dream Kitchen/Storm/Forty Winks/Ha Ha Happiness/Sloppy Heart/Living Room/Sugar High/Forgetful/Typical/Ski Head/Little Chef/Anarchy In The Uk/String/Born With A Headache/Down/Spoon Head/Dream Kitchen (Extended Mix)/Typical (Extended Mix)/Forty Winks (Extended Mix)

Blancmange - Mange Tout

The Passions - Thirty Thousand Feet Over China

The Mood - The Singles Collection


Miss Parker said...

This *is* great news! Add to the list "Armoury Show - Waiting for the Floods" and I would be a very happy camper. Fortunately I have it electronically, but it's just not the same. All the best to you!

McDoC said...

The Wild Swans re-issue is great news indeed. However, my Wild Swans "platinum collection" CD contains all the 10-tracks from the original release of the BHTA. But the bonus tracks is quite tempting. I'm also happy with the deluxe editions of U2's early albums... though a deluxe "Unforgettable Fire" is on the top of my wish list. Then, there's The Adventure's "Theodore and Friends". I already have it but if it gets re-issued/remastered, I don't mind buying another copy (maybe even two copies, LOL). Hopefully, they also add extra-tracks (like the one selling for over a hundred bucks at ebay). :)
Do you have news about Retro-Active 7? I hope Hi-Bias will still continue the series. The remastered versions are awesome.
THANKS for sharing the news about these great re-releases and more power to you man!!!