Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Are Going To Love This Band

I received an email from somewhere a little while ago urging me to check out a band called Empire of the Sun, because "you are going to love this band". Yeah, right, I thought.

I guess someone knows me pretty well, because the first track I previewed, "Walking On A Dream" is awesome. Aside from the excellent Star Wars inspired artwork, the sound is very reminiscent of what I imagine a collaboration between Prince and Fischerspooner might be like. In other words, bloody marvelous. The video, set in Shanghai, is cool as well.

MySpace Site
Official Site

By the way, hope you like the new look. There's going to be some changes around here!


Miss Parker said...

I *love* the new look and yes, I love the band, too. I have to admit, though, I saw "Empire of the Sun" and immediately thought "Bill Nelson."

All the best,
Miss P

fotoviva said...

These guys are brilliant and the video is just oh so perfect - could watch it over and over again!