Sunday, November 23, 2008

Roland Rat Superstar - The Cassette of the Album (1986)

Here's a fun one for Sunday morning...

  1. Intro
  2. Number One Rat Fan
  3. Leeks Are Wonderful, Leeks Are Nice
  4. Rat Rapping
  5. My Roland
  6. Live Dangerously
  7. Love Me Tender
  8. Pink Bucket Reggae
  9. Great 'Ere Innit?
  10. Summer Holiday
  11. The Original, The One And Only

And another one I found:
Roland Rat Superstar - Rat Rapping (Extended Mix)

Wikipedia Entry


Kippers said...

Yeah, Ratfans!

I had the 7" of Rat Rapping but never had the album.... until now. Thanks for posting! (I'm pathetically excited at the prospect of hearing this!)

TheKLF99 said...

Omg, I had this album but it broke years ago, it was such a top and really funny album. I've been searching for this for years on Napster/eMule/iTunes but never once have I found it. I remember at the start of it Roland skits that the album is called "The Cassette of The Album" when it is a record and D'Arcy De Farcy has messed up with the title. I only had the record version, did anyone have the tape version (was there one?) and was that called The Album of the Cassette by any chance??

Steve said...

I had the cassette and it said the same as above. Sorry about that hehe.