Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Fun To Work At The DMCA

I've just checked my email, and as yet, I'm happy to report I haven't had any complaints sent by the DMCA. Maybe in their extensive research they felt sorry for me, seeing as I consistently spend money on music no-one has paid any attention to, ever. I do feel some sympathy, however, for many of my Blogger friends who have considered quitting the blogging hobby due to apparently arbitrary post deletions. I got to thinking about how somebody goes about doing this, so I came up with a Fountains of Wayne style ditty as a gift to my Blogger friends. I've recorded audio/video, but it still needs some work (auto-tune, anyone?) but in the meantime, here's the lyrics. Merry Christmas.

It's Fun To Work At The DMCA

It’s fun to work at the DMCA
I get paid to surf the web all day, it’s OK
I got bills to pay

I got music by the Rolling Stones
I got that CD by Norah Jones, somewhere
Of course I care

See breaking the law is black and white
I got to protect those copyrights, it’s wrong
Downloading a song

We are poised on the edge of societal breakdown
And theft is the same when there’s no one around
And an album I found by the Lotus Eaters
Could turn all of us into liars and cheaters
They make me so mad these anonymous posters
Trading their files like collectible coasters
They’re probably German and terminal boasters

You can take it up with the RIAA
We’ll sue your granny and your auntie May, today
Yeah we’ll put them away

Now Google owns blogger and YouTube as well
Welcome to a model for corporate hell, my friend
Perhaps it's the end


Miss Parker said...

I absolutely adore you for this.


McDoC said...

Nice ditty. Looking forward to the audio/video. I'm sure it'll be a blast. You should copyright this. :)

missparker0106 said...

Oh McDoc....I can't *believe* you used the "c" word.



JC said...