Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The New Wave Discography

I've opened up my blog The New Wave Discography for public viewing. The idea of the blog is to produce a comprehensive collection of "new wave" era albums either that I have uploaded or that I have found. It's a no frills site designed for people who are looking for something specific. What I am planning to do is concentrate on including a variety of music here on Mine For Life, particularly individual tracks. My own personal experience is that it is much more rewarding to discover a long lost classic track and then go and find the associated album. Over time, I have collected digital versions of so many albums I have not got around to listening to, which seems to defeat the objective.

With that in mind, feel free to email me links to new wave albums that I can add to the discography. At this time, I'm not trying to include singles and EP's, or artwork, or anything. I'm also happy to make this a collaborative project if any other bloggers out there want to be able to access the site and add content.

I think everyone who loves music from the "new wave" era would appreciate a "one stop shop" for all the out of print material that is out there somewhere.

Albums that are in-print will not be included out of fairness to the artists involved.


McDoC said...

Hi, sent you an email.

Anonymous said...


Excellent idea, thanks for the great links.