Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Busy

I'm still too busy to put together a decent, well crafted entry. Never mind, this can be like the news snippets you get at the front of magazines - just enough to whet the appetite.

A few new blogs I want to mention. There's a nice mix of stuff at Nothing Better to Do, including recent posts on Red Box, The Christians, The Motels and some compilations. I spent January 20th in a state of heightened anticipation - everyone's favorite Mikey had a new album-oriented blog, and that is news indeed (inauguration? What inauguration?). Thanks to XOLondon who turned me on to Music On Vinyl. Recent posts, among many, many blinders, include Strawberry Switchblade, T'Pau, and "We Came To Dance" by Ultravox (i.e. only one of my favorite tracks from my favorite album, ever, ever, evah!) Let me also make mention again of two of the great friends of Mine For Life, McDoc who has just posted an awesome (12 minutes!) remix of Vitamin Z's "Burning Flame" at his blog, Evo-XR Remixes, and the awesome (and much happier on WordPress, apparently) Miss Parker AKA "Supertrump" who is listening to a lot of radio these days - and using words like "caniptions" thus shaming the rest of us into manifestations of globfracular intransigestinal wonderment.

I'm getting excited about three things at the mo. First, my six year old, Morgan, will be performing ballet and lyrical jazz in Nashville this weekend in a dance competition. Yours truly mixed all the music that our studio is using in our entries, and I am very proud of how it has turned out. I'll have to mention more about that later.

Secondly, for those of you who enjoyed my posts last year about the singles reviews from old pop magazines in the 80's, I'm glad to report that not only did I get my scanner fixed but I have also been acquiring a solid collection of scans from magazine collectors which will give me ample posting material for the rest of the year.

Thirdly, my new vinyl project continues to gather pace. I should have the turntable and software I want by the end of February, and I have at least twenty vinyl purchases to digitize. Roll on springtime!


Anonymous said...

Your manifestations of globfracular intransigestinal wonderment trumps my discomposure of intoxicating perturbation. "Supertrump" indeed. ;-)


McDoC said...

Hi fiftypercent,
Thanks for kind words. I'm glad you liked the remix. :)

By the way, in case you still don't know, Brent's back with DIGGING IN THE VAULT 2. Here's the url: