Monday, February 9, 2009

Any Trouble - Any Trouble (1983)

Stiff Records had great commercial hopes for this Manchester quartet, led by balding, bespectacled singer/guitarist/pianist Clive Gregson, whose songs — mostly about the unhappy side of love — have always shown real talent. It unfortunately took the group a long time to escape their basic facelessness and locate a sound, a slow start that may be why Any Trouble ended without ever receiving the acclaim they deserved. Any Trouble, by a half-new lineup, is the band's first great album (this being their third studio outing), a wonderful new blend of soul and pop strengthened by Gregson's sharpening melodic sense and lightening lyrical outlook. "Please Don't Stop," "Man of the Moment," "Northern Soul" and other tracks resemble a non-obnoxious Hall and Oates crossed with Costello and recorded in Motown; production by David Kershenbaum provides the sonic variety and sophistication previously lacking. Gregson's development into a powerful, sensitive singer is merely the icing on the cake. (Trouser Press)

Any Trouble - Any Trouble (1983)
  1. I'll Be Your Man
  2. Please Don't Stop
  3. Touch and Go
  4. Foundations
  5. Party in the Streets
  6. Northern Soul
  7. Man of the Moment
  8. Time Does Not Heal
  9. You'd Better Not Go Home
  10. Falling in Love With You


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