Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Democracy In Action

First off, apologies for being quiet these last few days. I've had several different posts in mind, but mainly I have been busy tracking down various vinyl albums on eBay.

I was planning to buy my new turntable last Sunday - I had settled on a Stanton T90 from Best Buy, but when I got to the store (about 40 miles away) they told me they had sold out. Bummer. So after quite a lot of indecision, I decided to go back to my first plan, which was to buy a turntable and software online from DAK industries. Now, it is on it's way via UPS and I will get it on Friday.

So, I was thinking about what I was going to do with it once it arrived. I now have 70+ albums and a clutch of singles, and I am ordering and hunting for things all the time. It occurred to me that we are now talking about at least 60 plus hours just recording the things, without taking into account the tweaking and cataloging involved. I've read it can take several hours to properly digitize a single LP.

So hey, I thought, might be an opportunity to let my loyal readers decide what I should tackle first - given that most of the new stuff I have is currently unavailable on the internet, which I can confirm from literally years of searching. So, vote for your favorite.

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Rissan said...

Just to let you know, found the Cd of the Ward brothers, including bonus tracks, just the other week.