Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's always a pleasure to come across a band website that is comprehensive, well put together, and - most importantly - has lots of links to video clips, demos and B-Sides. For anyone who has even a passing interest in the Thrashing Doves, you will find all of the above, and more at Well worth a visit. The audio section also includes some early tapes and the two singles by previous band The Climb, which I featured a few months ago here without realizing the connection.

I also just came across a comprehensive website dedicated to New Musik. A must visit for anyone interested in the quirky English synth genius of Tony Mansfield and pals.

Thanks for all your well-wishes by the way. Things progressed well so we are just going through the recovery phase. There will be a guest post by your truly at The Vinyl Villain later this month going into a little more detail. After a recent feature by Jon at The Vinyl District, I'm starting to feel quite popular! (Oh, except for the devastating news I received this week that I am no longer on Davy's blogroll!!! The Shame!!)

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