Sunday, May 3, 2009

David Reilly - Life On Earth (1982)

Now that's an '80's album cover. I saw this album in Goodwill for 99 cents and knew I just had to have it. You've got the bright colors, geometric shapes, a skinny tie, red pants and a guy who looks like an accountant. On the back cover, armed with a red Stratocaster, you get the impression David wants to be the new Mark Knopfler.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this. The album was produced by Nick Tauber and recorded in England, but based on the cover and the song titles, it appeared quintessentially American. It's an MCA Records release. Nick Tauber went on to produce Toyah and Marillion, so you might expect some progressive or art-rock flourishes. What the album is, in fact, is a wide ranging, and competently performed set. There is new wave pop, solid balladeering and, in some places, strong rock production and the guitar solos hinted at by the presence of the Stratocaster. David is a decent singer, too, while the subject matter is just off-center enough to be interesting.

Good luck finding out anything else about David Reilly. A couple of cuts were released as singles in Europe, but there is no evidence he ever recorded anything else. Perhaps he really was an accountant.

David Reilly - Life On Earth (1982)
  1. Life On Earth
  2. Complications
  3. Racing Cars
  4. Living On Love Alone
  5. Strange Stories
  6. Firing Line
  7. Fool To Love
  8. Space Music
  9. Set The Wheels In Motion
  10. Wings Over America

[UPDATE: Some nice memories of the recording sessions from Phil Spalding the bass player here ]


Jenny said...

Haha! That's exactly how I stumbled upon Private Lives "Prejudice & Pride" album from 1984...saw the cover, took a chance and I love it!! Nice find!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I encountered the single "Wings Over America" while I was in England in 1993.. I've always wanted to hear the rest of the album. Thanks!

Frank said...

He's released a few library music albums over the years, I recommend 'Modern Music (in the English style)' which is a very good synth album.

mineforlife said...

I just re-upped the album. :)