Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farrell & Farrell - People In A Box (1985)

Here's a cute song that's been in my head all week. Farrell & Farrell is a well-known CCM group that continually updated their sound during the '70's and '80's. Like a lot of material from this era and in the genre, the lyrical ideas remain very relevant despite often dated production and occasionally banal statements. "People In A Box" is about the power of the media to tell us consumers "what to wear, how to style and do my hair". I took the small liberty of remixing the track as I recorded it from vinyl. I edited out a brief rap/spoken word interlude and generally punched it up a bit to fall around the three minute mark. Could have been a pop hit back then, I reckon!!

Farrell & Farrell - People In A Box


The Mood Indicator said...

thanks for this little gem!

Kevin said...

wow, i used to have this tape, back in my religious days. holy crap... memories!!! this got me thinking of others from that time: degarmo & key, white heart, geoff moore & the distance, david and the giants...