Saturday, May 30, 2009

Richard Barone - Clouds Over Eden (1993)

I was a bit surprised to notice that in nearly two years I've never mentioned Richard Barone before. Richard is the former lead singer with Hoboken band The Bongos, which released classic albums such as Drums Along The Hudson, Numbers With Wings and Beat Hotel in the early 80's. I first discovered Clouds Over Eden due to the fact that Jules Shear showed up with some writing credits and Jules has always allied himself with some interesting artists.

Clouds Over Eden is a fairly atypical album for the early 1990's. There's some classic jangle pop ("Paper Airplane"), strident pop ("Nobody Knows Me"), angst-ridden ballads ("Forbidden"), chamber-pop ("Clouds Over Eden") and several other great tracks. It's been a favorite of mine for a few years now as a dense, cohesive and mature artistic statement.

Most of Richard's product is available either at iTunes or Amazon, and can be accessed through his website,

Here's three lesser known cuts from the album as a taster. I would also recommend River To River from Primal Dream and his charity track A Call To Prayer as must have downloads.

Richard Barone - Paper Airplane
Richard Barone - Within These Walls
Richard Barone - Law of the Jungle

Lately, Richard has been recording with the legendary Tony Visconti and his latest release is the Glow EP, again available on iTunes and Amazon.

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