Saturday, May 30, 2009

Those Brits and Their Talents

Not sure what to make of the results of Britain's Got Talent which finished tonight. Like many people, I was expecting Susan Boyle to win it, based on her nationwide popularity. Just goes to show, it all depends on what happens on the night. I have a feeling she'll be alright, though. I don't think any solo artist in recent memory will have such an eagerly awaited album. She could probably sell out Vegas tomorrow, but just like any other artist her long term prospects hinge on whether she has the drive and desire to perform at the highest level. I'm starting to think she should release either a single of "I Dreamed A Dream" or an album of Broadway standards and then relax for a bit before doing anything else. Hopefully the BGT concerts will be successful for her.

I also found myself rooting for the grandpa/granddaughter act 2 Grand based on their semi-final performance. While I though in the finale Sallie produced a very good vocal, I think the pressure got to John a little bit but I thought it was great to watch them sing together, very inspiring.

While I enjoyed watching the dance troupe Diversity, I would have to echo some other comments in that I've seen many comparable dance routines here in the States. I've mentioned my daughter performs ballet and jazz routines, so I've got to see quite a few amateur performances this year, and I would say several of those were at least as well choreographed with dramatic props and costume changes. Of course, I'm not sure if there is quite a similar high school dance/cheerleader tradition in Britain so it may seem a little more novel to people there.

Next up is America's Got Talent - but as everyone knows those yanks can take themselves a bit too seriously. I'm not sure we'll get to see chubby middle aged men in tight pants and patriotic waistcoats singing "It's Raining Men" - but there again maybe that's a good thing.

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