Saturday, June 6, 2009

"And There Was The Light..."

For the first time ever, I'm posting a completely original mix. I was listening to the haunting song "Valley of Evergreen" by Alternative Radio when I remembered the phrase "they shall not grow old" from a famous poem. I then also remembered a favorite Roald Dahl story of mine which was also called "They Shall Not Grow Old" which has some incredible imagery in it. So I put elements of them all together and played around with it until I liked it.

This is dedicated to the brave servicemen and women who have given their lives for our countries, and on this day in particular, of those many brave souls who perished on D-Day, June 6th 1944.

May we all, one day, see the light.

Alternative Radio - Valley of Evergreen (Rememberance Mix)

[UPDATE: June 2017 - I found this on a CD I made for my brother so it's up again finally]

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