Thursday, October 22, 2009

Light A Big Fire - Mr Twilight (1986)

Light A Big Fire - Mr Twilight (7" Single, 1986)

A track from the Surveillance album, this carrys (sic) a more menacing edge than the chugging rock style of the band's last single "Charlene". LABF still have to match the promise of their early Irish releases, but this will suffice for the present.

Stuart Bailie, Record Mirror November 29, 1986


Chelle said...


Ive been trying to locate the video the group made for this song. It was shot in Belfast city centre at the height of "the troubles" 1986. has anyone had any luck with this.

Marcos said...

Hi, me too, I`ve been trying hard If I have a change to find it at Torrent or somewhere else I`ll post the link here.

kamuix212 said...
Here you go, this is the only video I know of and it's obviously not the full song