Saturday, January 30, 2010

John Adams - Strong (1987)

As promised here is the solo album by former Private Lives frontman John Adams. It's very dance orientated and typical of the late 80's sound. And he looks very debonair, too.
  1. Strip This Heart
  2. Passion
  3. Strong
  4. Stranger Than Love
  5. Message To Rudi
  6. What Do You Want From Me
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Don't You Think It's Time
  9. Someone To Believe In
  10. Hold Back The Tears

[Update Feb 2013] Download from Putlocker

There was also a solo single released in 1985 which I will post later.


Jenny said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwesome!! thx 50!!!!

can't wait to hear the solo track!!!

Jen White said...

Hey 50!!

Where you ever able to post the John Adams 1985 solo track??



djpadrecito said...

Thanks for posting the John Adams. I remember buying "Strong" on LP at Cut Corners Records in Lexington, KY, back in 1987. Shortly after that, I bought my first CD player and never looked back to vinyl. I had forgotten all about this album, but thanks to your post, I just got the CD from Amazon. I wonder whatever became of Adams? He's hard to research on the internet because he has the same name as a former President. Have any ideas?

Tony said...

Hi There,

I have the album but a track jumps :( unfortunetly the down load does not seem to work (maybe it has expired) could you reload please!!

zooty23 said...

I checked the download and it seems fine.

Chris said...

WOW ! never thought I'd EVER find anything about John Adams ! Heard Private Lives on a BBC Radio concert broadcast from way back (taped lotsa stuff off the radio then !) - does anyone have a copy to sell or lend ?? Lost mine somewhere in the mists of time. Last saw JA supporting Duran Duran ! Many Thanks for posting the album - now downloading .

Natalia said...

What ever became of john Adams?

Anonymous said...

He now lives in London and is a very successful property developer

Sebastian said...

This LP is a good example of things people generally dislike about the sound of the mid-80's but I actually enjoy: Overblown production, a vague Bryan Ferry-style vocal wrapped in a floaty melody w/ frequent sax solos. While no classic, it does have a kind of seductive sophisto-pop vibe to it.

mio said...

John Adams - great!!! Help!help!help!Anybody,reload please on other host! rapidshare writes "Download permission denied by uploader" =(

Unknown said...

Hi I know this is now an old upload. But I had it before on my Computer and the hard drive has corrupted so I have lost it and now the download no longer seems to work. COulf you possibly correct this please?

mineforlife said...

The Rapidshare link is still active but I have added another in case of difficulty.

Phil Taylor said...

Don't overlook the fact that John also sang lead in the band - RentBoyz - their single Kick down the door pops up on ebay sometimes and is brillian