Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glen Burtnick - Talking In Code (1986)

Remembering rare, obscure and just plain interesting vinyl releases from back when a CD meant you had money in the bank...

1. Crank It Up
2. Talking In Code
3. Little Red House
4. Perfect World
5. Hole In My Pocket
6. Brave Hearts
7. Hold Back The Night
8. Talk That Talk
9. Heart On The Line
10. We're Alright



marry said...

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Daniel said...

hey fifty danielwaver here. just wanted to thank you for this record. very obscure indeed.

Oh God, please maximize fifty's tax return and tempt him to buy a new turntable. lol

Cheers man

zooty23 said...

Rapidshare decided to delete this, despite the album being completely obscure and utterly unavailable on CD or iTunes. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

ANy chance of a re-up?