Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Producers - Rare Demo Tape

Here is a cassette tape I found in a box at a record store. At first I thought it was an album advance, but quickly discovered it was an original 1983 demo tape produced for a record label.

After two strong albums, The Producers and You Make The Heat, popular Atlanta power-pop outfit The Producers underwent some personnel changes, as Kyle Henderson (vocals/bass) left for a solo career. As the band searched for a new sound, only two tracks ("Table For One" and "The Boat Song") would appear on their third album Run For Your Life, which they eventually self-released in 1985.

Side One
  1. Begin At The Beginning
  2. Dance On My Heart
  3. World Of Dreams
  4. Table For One
  5. Renaissance
Side Two
  1. The Boat Song
  2. Rain Is Falling
  3. Found Out The Hard Way
  4. Full Circle

Alternative download

For more on the Producers, check out the excellent official fan site.


Andys80s said...

Nice find Table For One!

and like the new look to the blog too ;)

Songboyluke said...

"Dance on my heart" and "Renaissance" were included on the Producers Coelacanth CD.
Thank you for posting the Demo Tape!

kurganwins said...

Thank u for posting, but I'm having trouble downloading it please help, and thank you again.

mineforlife said...

I added an alternative download. Enjoy!